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Swimming and Sailing Lessons - Tiverton Yacht Club (RI)

Tiverton Yacht Club (RI)
After researching local swim programs and fees, including the YMCA and a specialty swim school in Bristol, RI called Ripples; my friend C decided to enroll her three boys (Ages 7, 5, and 4) in swim lessons at the Tiverton Yacht Club in Tiverton, RI.

The classes meet two times per week (30 minutes) for 4 weeks (8 lessons total), and non-members pay $100.  There are two sessions, so children may take the next level class after completing their first if desired.  For $12.50 a lesson, C thought this was the best local deal. 

She also likes that there are two lessons per week, rather than one, so the boys can build upon their previously learned skills and not lose momentum. 

Covered Tables Adjacent to Swimming Pool - TYC
The TYC sits in a breezy location on top of a hill across from the harbor.  There is a covered area with a few picnic tables for parents and siblings to wait and watch.  The experienced instructor was able to assess the young children's levels; encourage them feel comfortable in the water; AND teach them quite a few useful water skills in a 30-minute time frame.  All three boys enjoyed their first week's lessons and can't wait to go back! 

Young Sailors at Tiverton Yacht Club (RI)

On the way out, we noticed a group of young sailors learning how to sail!  A quick check of the TYC website resulted in a list of sailing programs for members and non-members of varying ages.  They seem to span the length of the summer from June to August, meeting two days or more per week.  The younger group meets for 3 hours, while the older students have a full-day schedule.  The fees seem very comparable to summer camp rates: 

Sailing Lessons at Tiverton Yacht Club (RI)

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Playground Review - Jamestown, MA

Jamestown Community Playground, RI
Teacher, Mom, and 3 Boys (under 7) Rating:   * * * * (out of 4)

Note:  Although I'm currently a preschool teacher and no longer a nanny, I still love all things early childhood!  This means taking field trips with my friend and her three young boys (Ages 7, 5, and 4)  and sharing our findings with others.  We especially love free and low-cost outings, so playgrounds are at the top of our list!  When we find ice-cream or other treats nearby, we include that information as well.  

The newly updated Jamestown playground still has that fresh mulch smell and is attactive, clean and spacious!  The pathways are made of compressed rubber and have a nice cushiony bounce as you walk.  The playground is located directly behind the town library (directions below), which might be an additional little stop if you have the time.  

New Mulch and Rubber Pathways at Jamestown Community Playground, RI


Two large themed structures are the first things you notice as you approach the white picketed fence playground:  

  • Spaceship area and Pirate ship area with multiple covered slides and stairs to climb:  

Climber and Space Ship area at Jamestown Community Playground, RI

Pirate Ship area at the Jamestown Community Playground, RI

You'll also find:  

  • Climber: a large netted pyramid-shaped climber between the two.  
  • Swings:  a row of swings (including an adapted/safety swing) for children and infants
  • Zipline with platforms on both sides and a disc seat attached to a thick rope.  THIS was one of the most popular attractions at the Jamestown playground.  Parental intervention was needed at times to make sure children in line received a turn!  (There is no close-up photo of the zipline, but it is along the back fence in the photo below.)

Swings and Zipline at the Jamestown Community Playground, RI


  • Fenced in along street/parking areas and latched gate. Children can run around and have fun, but they can't run away faster than you can catch them.
  • About three picnic tables and a small grassy area to put down a blanket.  At this stage, there are no benches, which might be a nice future addition.  

Our three boys played for three hours straight before they started getting hungry and realized it was about an hour past their usual dinner time!


Other than swings, there isn't much here for infants or toddlers.  We taked to some grandparents with their one-year-old, and they were disappointed that there wasn't something more her size or speed.

Town Webpage:  Jamestown Parks and Recreation - Community Playground

Location/Map:  Jamestown Library at 26 North Road - Playground behind

Nearby Ice Cream can be found at Spinnaker's, located in the beautiful Ferry Wharf area where the Jamestown Ferry launches.  There are a few outside tables adjacent to a parking lot, and they offer basic food fare for children and adults (nothing to write home about), but the ice cream was a hit. 

Spinnaker's Cafe, 3 Ferry Wharf, Jamestown, RI

 There's also a small beach a few steps away from the wharf for walking, boat watching, and shell hunting.

Beach Near Ferry Wharf, Jamestown, RI 

View of the Newport Bridge from Beach Near Ferry Wharf, Jamestown, RI

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Best Preschool Egg Hunt

I’ve tried all types of egg hunts, but this has been my favorite for four years straight. The children are excited, happy, and content! What more can you ask for?

To view the rest of the article and photos, please head over to my newest blog, which I started to store and share my favorite early childhood activities:

My Preschool File Cabinet - Best Preschool Egg Hunt

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