Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mid-Week Mom Tip - Travel Toys for Toddlers

Have you heard of Delicious Baby blog? It's a popular travel blog written by Debbie, mom of three, who has so many great tips for traveling with children of all ages. Her informative city guides alone are worth a look!

Check out this post on Travel Toys for Toddlers (also great for everyday fun)!

Nanny's Note on Find It Games:

You can make your own version of these by filling an empty water bottle with rice or salt and adding small items of interest -- buttons, sequins, tiny toys, small dice, etc. (use white glue to secure the cap and add a layer of duct/packing tape to seal). Shake it up and everywhere you turn, you'll find something new.
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  1. Hi Dee! Thanks for the comment and I'm following you right back! Good for you for going back to college and follow your dreams. I majored in art and I regret not getting my teaching certificate...Maybe when my baby is a little older. :)

  2. Cute idea, the Find It Game sounds like something that could keep kids occupied for quite a while... and maybe me too...

    I'm glad you're back, I hope that you were able to spend some quality time with your family. I've been thinking about you and hoping that you've had time to rest.

  3. Compact toys are usually important. There are so many things we need to take with us when we travel with a baby, we don't need to be taking bags of toys with us too.