Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mid-Week Mom Tip - Ways to Save Money on Summer Entertainment & Activities

Another one of my favorite frugal blogs is The Thrifty Mama (Natural and Thrifty). Here's Crystal's great compilation post of ideas/links to thrifty family fun this summer:

Ways to Save this Summer Part I - Activities and Entertainment
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Free Family Fun on Fridays in New England

The Highland Street Foundation (Framingham, MA) is providing FREE admission each Friday throughout the summer to popular Massachusetts' attractions. The usual admission prices for these locations are pretty hefty, so this is a wonderful program for families!

Coming up this Friday, July 2nd is Plimoth Plantation, a 17th century Colonial Village experience recreating the daily lives of the English settlers and Wampanoag tribe. If you have never been, this is your chance to mingle with "pilgrims" in their own homes, watch Wampanoag tribe members carve canoes out of a tree, and go aboard the Mayflower II.

To view the entire list of FREE FRIDAY museums; zoos; and attractions; along with their specific FREE admission dates, check out the Highland Street Foundation's website:

Free Fun Fridays - The Highland Street Foundation
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mid-Week Mom Tip - How to Unplug Your Kids in One Day

Can't tell you how excited I am to have taken my last final exam this week and can finally jump back into blogging and catching up on reading MY favorite blogs. :D

Let's kick it off with this great guest post that appeared one of my favorite frugal blogs, Money Saving Mom, written by Morgan from The Diet Coke Diet:

How to Unplug Your Kids in One Day
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Offended by "Preschool in a Box"

Photo © 2005 Anissa Thompson

Today I clicked on a link recommended by a frugal blog that I *used to subscribe to advertising an "amazing" opportunity to make $40 an hour. How? By opening a preschool in your own home after buying someone's "preschool in a box" kit.

This advertisement is aimed at mothers who need an income and would like to spend quality time with their children at home. The ad is filled with infomercial gimmicks and disclaimers like, "not only will you not be guaranteed to MAKE money, you may LOSE money" with this program. Although this woman claims that this is absolutely not a "daycare," what she is describing is indeed considered a licensed family home daycare in the state of Massachusetts.

As someone who earned an Associate's Degree in early childhood education and fulfilled the state required hours of experience working with children over 15 years ago in order to be licensed to even teach in a preschool, I am seriously offended that anyone would peddle a boxed kit that leads people to believe they will be qualified to teach other people's children.

Gee, I sure hope someone soon comes up with an "accountant in a box" or "surgeon in a box" because I would love to make lots of money with no specialized education or experience!

I hope that no one falls victim to this "get rich quick" scheme. As with anything else in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

*I immediately unsubscribed from this blog. I felt that any person who could push this type of (for lack of better word) crap on their subscribers, is not to be trusted.
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