Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Offended by "Preschool in a Box"

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Today I clicked on a link recommended by a frugal blog that I *used to subscribe to advertising an "amazing" opportunity to make $40 an hour. How? By opening a preschool in your own home after buying someone's "preschool in a box" kit.

This advertisement is aimed at mothers who need an income and would like to spend quality time with their children at home. The ad is filled with infomercial gimmicks and disclaimers like, "not only will you not be guaranteed to MAKE money, you may LOSE money" with this program. Although this woman claims that this is absolutely not a "daycare," what she is describing is indeed considered a licensed family home daycare in the state of Massachusetts.

As someone who earned an Associate's Degree in early childhood education and fulfilled the state required hours of experience working with children over 15 years ago in order to be licensed to even teach in a preschool, I am seriously offended that anyone would peddle a boxed kit that leads people to believe they will be qualified to teach other people's children.

Gee, I sure hope someone soon comes up with an "accountant in a box" or "surgeon in a box" because I would love to make lots of money with no specialized education or experience!

I hope that no one falls victim to this "get rich quick" scheme. As with anything else in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

*I immediately unsubscribed from this blog. I felt that any person who could push this type of (for lack of better word) crap on their subscribers, is not to be trusted.
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  1. I agree, I am a teacher and it irks me when I see non-qualified people sub teaching (the districts hire them because they can't find enough qualified people). You get proper training for a reason!

  2. Thanks for your comment Kristen! Now that I am almost done with my B.A., I have even MORE respect for public school teachers and their responsibilities in teaching children and the breadth of knowledge required to do so!

    As for preschool teachers who are less respected because they "only" have two-year degrees, that's still about 20 college courses in early childhood education more than the average person who purchases "preschool in a box."

  3. It seems everyone wants to push some gimmick in a box. I see the Driver's Ed in a box and cannot believe that this is even allowed. There are some crap drivers in the world and they want to teach their own kids to drive. I would never allow my husband or myself to be the sole driving teacher. I leave that to the experts. Same with childcare, I leave that to the expert. Not some daycare in a box.

  4. Reading this makes me even more thankful that we found a NAEYC-accredited daycare center for our kids. Not that I believe a center that is not accredited does not have high standards, it just left no doubt in my mind that my children would receive a quality early learning education by qualified educators. I've watched the center go through the re-accreditation process and it is such hard work, but it is important to the director and all the teachers that they are recognized for the level of care and education that they provide to the children. That someone could recommend to readers that prey upon others with a quick rich scheme at the expense of young minds is frightening. I hope you let that blogger know why you unsubscribed!

  5. So sad. Thanks for speaking out.

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  8. So would it be a good way for some one that has the education and credential to teach preschool to order preschool in a box to get a jumpstart to owning her own preschool? I have a BA in Elementary Education, and will be completeing my ECE units and applying for a child development site supervisor and director permit soon.

  9. To unknown commenter above, I can't imagine why anyone with a degree in education and additional ECE units would need this type of product to open their own daycare of to become a director. It is marketed to those with no previous experience in education.

    Most students of education learn what types of activities and materials are best for certain developmental stages, along with many resources for quality supplies to buy or create themselves.

    That being said, you certainly have the choice of what product(s) you would like to purchase.