Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mid-Week Mom Tip - Learning to Use Scissors

I've always been a fan of Montessori teaching methods and one blog that I like is:

My Montessori Journey

This particular tip is about scissor skills (or learning to use scissors). Some parents are nervous about letting their young children use scissors, but there is a way to introduce scissors that can make it a simple and enjoyable activity. It is also an important fine motor activity that can strengthen the muscles needed for writing. When I was a home visitor we typically began scissor skills at 35 months, but it depends on your own child's interest and ability. Check it out:

Cutting Work
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  1. Hi Nanny Dee! Just stopping by as usual. Sophia is nowhere near the age to use scissors (it's 15yrs right?) but this seems like a great tip! Will have to remember that.

  2. My son had this fascination with cutting fabric when he was younger, I had my sheets "decorated" his sheets "decorated" and my fall weather coat "decorated as well, thank goodness he grew out of that one lol!

  3. My son loves scissors. He'll sit on the floor and just cut paper for 5 minutes--which we all know is a long time for a 4 year old to sit still! :)

    All the best,

  4. Hi there! I was looking up followers to my old weight loss site and found yur site. I am so going to book mark you for tips to use with my little ones! lol
    My new site is

    - Lisa