Thursday, August 12, 2010

Playground Review - Westport, Massachusetts

Little M and Nanny Rating:   * * * * (out of 4)

Each playground is special in its own way, but the Westport Community Center Playground is one of our favorites because of its many features (see photos below):

  • 2 large sandbox areas complete with large trucks of every type plus pails and shovels
  • A cool sand pulley contraption that really seems to capture the interests of older children as they work together to lift, hoist, and pour sand
  • 4 slides - one small, two larger, and one covered tube slide
  •  Swings - including two bucket seats for babies/toddlers
  • Climbing steps, platforms, ropes, twists, and wobbly bridge to cross
  •  Riding toys -- large dinosaur, small stationary elephant, a bouncing two-seater (like a teeter totter/seesaw, but stationary)
  • Little Tykes equipment:  for younger children, there are several of these scattered around allowing them to climb and slide at their own pace.


  • Completely fenced in with a chain link fence and latched gate.  Children can run around and have fun, but they can't run away faster than you can catch them.

  • Porta-potty -- we haven't used this feature, however, I often see parents and children (including potty trainers) going in there, so it must be pretty well maintained. 

  • Picnic tables and benches

M could stay at this playground for hours due to his love of cement trucks, excavators, and bulldozers!  Our first hour or so is usually spent in one or both of the two sand areas.  Once he notices the actual playground, there's so much more to do - slides, swings, climbing, and running from one end to the other.

All ages will enjoy this playground as there is something for toddlers to grade schoolers.

Location/Map:  nearby 856 Main Road, Westport, MA

Diagonally across the street from Partners Village Store

entrance side of playground -- slides, swings, riding toys, stairs, ramps & bridge
opposite side with climbing options and tube slide
one of several smaller play structures for toddlers
sandbox with trucks and sand toys

another sand area with a platformed pulley station
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  1. It's a very clever idea to review playgrounds. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Thanks Chef!

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