Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toddler-Sized Beach and Playground - Grinnell's in Tiverton, RI

We're running out of places to escape the higher than normal temperatures here in Southeastern MA/RI! Little M (26 months)  loves to run and climb, but our usual playground stomping grounds are nothing but burning hot slides this time of year.

Grinnell's, a tiny beach with attached playground in Tiverton, RI was the perfect spot on a recent 88 degree day!  As soon as M and I stepped out of the car, we were greeted with the most amazing breeze that cooled us right down.  The parking lot is only a few yards from the playground/beach so there was none of the usual hassle accompanied with "going to the beach."

The simple playground contained a single climbing structure with slide, a set of swings; a purple riding dinosaur; and some gymnastic-type parallel bars and other bars to hang from -- all with that wonderful breeze and beautiful water view.  Afternoon naps dictate our time table, so this playground was perfect for the two hours we were there.  M didn't want to leave -- he never does -- but it was easy enough to persuade him by agreeing to carry him the few yards to our car.

Some Pros:

Toddler-sized; easy in and out; playground; beach; public restrooms; picnic tables; parking lot close by; lifeguard on duty; not crowded; no traffic; easily accessible off a main road; and a lovely view when facing the water.

Some Cons:

Not the most picturesque or pristine beach you'll find as it's right off the road with a gas station and Cumberland Farms across the street on one side.  There was some litter and occasional cigarette butt edging the playground near the beach grass.   One of the pros for a quick and easy trip also make it a con for some -- parking lot right near beach and visible.

Overall, this beach with attached playground is just the right size for a spontaneous trip.  It has a very laid-back, small town vibe.  It didn't require any planning, packing, or major trek to get there.  We will definitely go back to Grinnell's and plan to enjoy the beach and water next time.

Location/MapMain Road, Tiverton, RI

Parking Fee:  $5 weekdays and $10 weekends (for non-Tiverton residents)

Nearby Food and Fun:

Eveylyn's Drive-In - about one mile from Grinnell's.  Evelyn's has been featured on the Food Network's show, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Great place for clam cakes, chowder, and other assorted seafood.  Better to take out or eat outside on patio/picnic tables.

Gray's Ice Cream - about four miles from Grinnell's. Gray's has yummy homemade ice-cream and delicious hot-fudge sundaes and is located in the historic Tiverton Four Corners district (home to little shops and art galleries).  The smallest one-scoop dish or cone is $3.50, which can be a negative when visiting with small children.  It would be wonderful if Gray's offered a kiddie-size, as this destination is popular place due to strategically placed park benches facing the adjacent cow pasture:

 Above:  one of the very large and very loud cows at Gray's Ice Cream in Tiverton, RI
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